H2Oak Water Bottles

One of the biggest things that we are trying to do through the H2Oak Initiative is upgrade our current drinking fountains to higher-quality fountains that include water bottle filling stations. In conjunction, we want to improve our school's recycling services. In order to fund this idea, we are applying for a grant from the Klein Education Foundation. The more support we have from the community, the greater our chances of receiving the KEF grant for this project.
Because we want to install water bottle filling stations and promote reduced usage of disposable plastic products, we have decided to sell reusable H2Oak water bottles. The bottles are made from high-quality material and cost only $20. Purchases will benefit the H2Oak campaign, the Klein Oak DECA chapter, and our very own LEP team at competition. Bottles may be purchased with cash in Mrs. Ash's room 206, or with credit card on School Cash Online.